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Undelivered transactional email means loss.
Mailsmitter is a specialized tool for transactional emails.
Easy to use, scalable and focused on deliverability.

Why Mailsmitter?

Mailsmitter is a specialized tool for transactional emails.

The transaction has crucial importance, affects the customer's decision or closes the deal.

We believe that such a process deserves maximum care.

What's the goal?

Minimizes the risk of transactional email falling into spam.

Above that, Mailsmitter features an advanced editor with template management that saves you time and can precisely personalize content.

Simple API reduces deployment costs.

For who?

Not only for e-shops. For everyone who takes e-commerce seriously.

Mailsmitter is useful wherever you need to deliver emails with a high level of personalization and localization. Emails that you can edit at any time to adapt to your system.

Features and functions

Technology Mailsmitter Common mailing tool
Private technology and infrastructure true No/Leased
Technology PowerMTA 3rd party service like SparkPost, MailGun etc.
Datacenter Frankfurt, Germany Cloud
Message processing Mailsmitter Common mailing tool
Data exchange REST API / JSON API
Basic email address validation true true
Realtime validation of email existence before sending true false
Message structure Unlimited Limited / Fixed
Merge tag level Unlimited Usually the only one
Parametric content true Seldom
Evaluation Mailsmitter Common mailing tool
Tracking true true
Bounce rate warning true false
Replied messages delivery true false


We do not rely on leased foreign infrastructure.

Without limitations

Higly personalized and dynamic content. Premium template editor.


Find out about the weaknesses and reactions of customers immediately.

Looking for a more reliable tool for your e-commerce?   Ask us!

What can we offer you?


RWe understand the agencies practices, production cycles, and time clients requirements.

We will be pleased to propose a model that will speed up your processes and increase performance while maintaining your price autonomy.

My own installation

Freelancer / Marketer

Would you like to do the best for your clients, but your time is limited? Would you like to have all the tools together?

- we will advise you
- support in english
- individal pricing

Individual setup


Do you need to quickly run one campaign or manage everything that belongs to email marketing comfortably?

You can do it, it's easy. We will be happy to guide you through the deployment and setup process.


Contact us! We will be happy to create a tailor-made offer for you!

Stay in touch

Don't hesitate to ask us for a solution that fits your business.