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We have well tuned tools for agency business

Agency installation

What can you find in your agency installation?

•  ready-to-use API connectors for your favorite services
•  templates and processes library
•  account sharing
•  statistical reports for your clients
•  own regular analytical reports

What do you get?

•  custom installation with default settings to suit your needs
•  your own pricing policy
•  unlimited number of user accounts
•  disk space for images and data
•  premium support (email, phone)
•  price tailored to real data traffic (without time contract)

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White label

Would you like to have our applications under our own brand?

White label allows you to present our products under your brand name, in your own colors and in your own domain on a separate server.

What do you get?

•  own installation on a dedicated server with its own IP
•  unlimited data and traffic
•  own branding and color environment
•  super admin interface for account management
•  own billing including invoice generator
•  premium support
•  tailor-made updates and a high-priority implementation option


•  one-time setup fee
•  flat rate for traffic regardless of traffic
•  license agreement and 1-year contract with monthly invoicing

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