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Updated: 27. August 2020

Scratch card

A scratch card is a campaign in which the marketing content (discount, notification, coupon...) is covered by an image that can be wiped with the mouse cursor or a finger on the screen of the smart device. After deleting and revealing the content, you can automatically trigger an action, such as getting an email address.

How to create a scratch card and view the win?

In Scenarios, create a new Scratch card campaign

Select the Scratch card campaign.
Choose the template that suits you.

Choose a color scheme

Set the base color.
You can adjust the color at any time using Designer if you have PRO or higher.
The area you see in the preview overlays the image you add in the next step.

Scratch card settings

Set the area in% to be wiped in order for the lot to be considered wiped. The default recommended value is 50%.
You can assign an action to occur after wiping the area. In most cases, part of the hidden content is a button through which the user performs the action himself and just leave the option "Do nothing".
Upload an image that will cover the content. The image must be large enough to cover the required area; 250 x 200 pixels will suffice in the default design. You can also use the default image, which is assigned by clicking the "Use default image" button.

Preview of a window with hidden content

The default image is used

Images can be PNG, JPG or SVG.
The maximum size of one image is 50 KB.
Images can be deleted but not moved.

Preview of a window with a partially erased image

Expert settings

The following is a description of CSS classes and HTML elements that affect the behavior and appearance of the calendar

an element with class .mlctr-scratch-viewport delimits an area that is automatically overlaid by the image. So you can set the exact dimensions of the area and prepare a corresponding image for it.


Content replacement tags

There are several ways to copy arbitrary fields to campaign content, including influencing CSS class names, in Mailocator.

Action setval - change of values in Mailocator forms

The setval action can be used to dynamically change the default value in pop-ups

Connect and make forms for dialog-Mail

See how to easily connect dialog-Mail and build and setup subscription popup

Changes in the import of discount codes from 1 December 2020

If you use discount codes in Mailocator, please pay attention to the following information

Draw a random discount code

Do you need to draw a random win or a code to gamble popup? Mailocator allows you to easily set the probability to one hundredth of a percent, randomly select a win and deliver it to the email tool.

Launch a campaign using a URL

You can also invoke Mailocator campaigns or designs at any time using a parameter in your site´s URL