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Updated: 15. June 2020

Mailocator init/callback

How to call javascript function while Mailocator is running?

If Mailocator is successfully initialized, it will try to run the function with the reserved name mlctrCallback (), if one exists.

var mlctrCallback = function(){
    alert( 'Mailocator version: ' + mailocator.version );

The function can be stored anywhere in the main document or inserted directly into the Mailocator interface: Features & Settings > JavaScript:


Instructions for your own design for the wheel of fortune

How to create a wheel of fortune with your own HTML and CSS code

How to Thank you page in Mailocator?

See how to better bring your future customers back to your site as you complete the verification process.

Wheel of Fortune

A popular gamification element is the wheel of fortune, in which the user is offered a reward for providing data or subscribing to newsletters.

Mark campaign conversions with actions

Where a campaign is not automatically marked as converted (such as a newsletter sign-up), you can add a conversion using an action to better evaluate the success of the campaign.

Scenario testing laboratory

An easy way to verify the functionality of the scenario in Mailocator is to run a laboratory where you can see the entire course of processing over time, including the evaluation of conditions and user actions.

Disabling and enabling Mailocator using a parameter in the URL

If you need to limit campaigns in time and the UTM parameter is not available, you can use the internal parameter of Mailocator