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Updated: 15. July 2020

Mailocator API

We have launched the Mailocator 2 API - see what data you can now get with automated processes

Since July 2020, users of the agency AGENCY and PRO versions have had access to the API, which primarily deals with account management and billing towards agency end clients.

You can easily find out, for example:
current status of campaigns
ongoing traffic and conversion
estimated costs of running the campaign
effectiveness of individual triggers

All data can be filtered in any time range and exported in one of the selected formats - XML, CSV or JSON and linked to your own accounting tools, or create exports and long-term client statistics.

You can easily activate the API key in Features and settings:


Content replacement tags

There are several ways to copy arbitrary fields to campaign content, including influencing CSS class names, in Mailocator.

Action setval - change of values in Mailocator forms

The setval action can be used to dynamically change the default value in pop-ups

Connect and make forms for dialog-Mail

See how to easily connect dialog-Mail and build and setup subscription popup

Changes in the import of discount codes from 1 December 2020

If you use discount codes in Mailocator, please pay attention to the following information

Draw a random discount code

Do you need to draw a random win or a code to gamble popup? Mailocator allows you to easily set the probability to one hundredth of a percent, randomly select a win and deliver it to the email tool.

Launch a campaign using a URL

You can also invoke Mailocator campaigns or designs at any time using a parameter in your site´s URL