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Updated: 17. November 2020

Content replacement tags

There are several ways to copy arbitrary fields to campaign content, including influencing CSS class names, in Mailocator.

Why rewrite data into content?

ensure continuity between the content of the page and the message in the campaign and avoid universal texts
you can personalize messages and salutation
repeating an email or name works better
you can work with the display of gift (promo) codes
you can easily transfer any value from the dataLayer (GTM) to the hidden inputs and enrich your database

View email address

You can use the tag [EMAIL] or %%email%% to repeat the email address for the thank you page.

You can insert a message in the thank you page:
Please, check your mailbox %%email%% and confirm subscription.

Interpretation of values from form elements

You can transfer the content of all inputs (most often of the hidden, email, text, number, checkbox, radio) convention %% name_of_input %% anywhere in the text.

For example, if you know the user is moving in the Cameras section and you have this preference stored in the hidden input, you can use it to customize the text:

<input type="hidden" name="opt_category" value="cameras"/>
<h1>Ready for fresh news about %%opt_category%% ?</h1>

Influencing CSS classes is possible in the same way, for example:

.popup-background-img-apple: {background-image(url:green-apple.png)}
.popup-background-img-orange: {background-image(url:orange.png)}
<div class="mlctr-popup popup-background-img-%%fruit%%">

Transfer of gift codes

If you need to display the gift code and / or its description in the acknowledgment (if it was not generated earlier), use the convention:
to display the code {{PROMO_CODE}}
to display a description of the code or winnings {{PROMO_CODE_TEXT}}

Transfer of dataLayer content

You can easily transfer data from the dataLayer and enrich your contacts with additional data.
use the convention to insert code from the dataLayer {{dataLayer[1].category}}

For example, send a category along with a collected contact to a newsletter distribution tool:
<input type="hidden" name="opt_category" value="{{dataLayer[1].category}}"/>


Switching between integrations within the same project

If you need to route some campaigns to the CRM, others to an email tool, and store the results from surveys in an independent database, this solution is also easy to set up.

Automated values, adding values to hidden inputs

Merging of arbitrary fields and automatic filling of selected fields with a series of system values

Launch a campaign when you hover or touch a specific location on the page

Mark a location that triggers a campaign when the user hovers over it or touches it on a touch device

Mailocator Events

With events, you can intelligently manage the sequence of campaigns across the entire workflow scenario and display much more relevant and precisely targeted content in real time.


Set up the display of notifications on your site using Mailocator