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Updated: 2. May 2020

Confirmation checkbox, conditional agreement with the conditions

Pop-up settings with confirmed consent to the processing of personal data or other consent

Pop-up with confirmed consent

Adding a checkbox is easy:
either drag it directly to the desired location in Designer,
or create it using simple tags directly in the HTML source of your popup.

Insert the following tag in the HTML code, where attribute name contains mlctr-verification
<input type="checkbox" name="mlctr-verification" />

Add a notification container to the appropriate location that appears when a user attempts to submit unconfirmed data.
The container must be assigned the class mlctr-verification-alert
<div class="mlctr-verification-alert">
      Please confirm your request before sumbit

Enforcement of conditions and mandatory fields

You can mark any field, checkbox, select or other input as mandatory, without which the form data (popup) cannot be sent.
Either mark the field as mandatory directly in the Designer,
or add the mlctr-required attribute to the required tag
<input type="checkbox" name="opt_confirmation" value="yes" mlctr-required="true" />


Switching between integrations within the same project

If you need to route some campaigns to the CRM, others to an email tool, and store the results from surveys in an independent database, this solution is also easy to set up.

Automated values, adding values to hidden inputs

Merging of arbitrary fields and automatic filling of selected fields with a series of system values

Launch a campaign when you hover or touch a specific location on the page

Mark a location that triggers a campaign when the user hovers over it or touches it on a touch device

Mailocator Events

With events, you can intelligently manage the sequence of campaigns across the entire workflow scenario and display much more relevant and precisely targeted content in real time.


Set up the display of notifications on your site using Mailocator