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Updated: 11. August 2020

Actions in Mailocator - onSubmit

Dynamic change of the onSubmit event based on user behavior

What are Actions?

If you don't know how events work, we recommend that you get acquainted with them first Actions in Mailocator.

OnSubmit event and dynamic event change

During the management of more advanced scenarios, it may be necessary to influence the parameters of the onsubmit event, most often by:
filling in the form (eg checking the subscription),
visitor behavior,
status of cookies or dataLayer.

In addition to the parameter of the function mailocator.action.do (), the action can also be sent using the value of the attribute mlctr-action, which you can change dynamically.
The content of the parameter of the function mailocator.action.do () cannot be changed dynamically, browsers may consider such an attempt as a violation of security rules.

Case study:
Questionnaire with the possibility of subscribing to newsletters

The query form displayed in INQUIRY may also, if the user agrees, forward the email address to the Newsletter (ESP).

Find the FORM tag in your campaign HTML code.
Leave the mailocator.action.do () function parameter blank.
Fill in the attribute mlctr-action
Enter the desired default action in the attribute value.
<form onsubmit="return mailocator.action.do()" mlctr-action="subscribe:1|send">

After checking the checkbox - agree to subscribe - change the value of the attribute mlctr-action

Add the event to the checkbox and use it to change the value of the attribute mlctr-action
If the checkbox is checked, we want to send an event to Mailocator to send a query and at the same time to subscribe - subscribe:1|send
If the user did not check the box, the form will be submitted by action send
<input type="checkbox" value="1" onclick="this.checked ?
(document.querySelector('[mlctr-action]').setAttribute('mlctr-action','subscribe:1|send')) : (document.querySelector('[mlctr-action]').setAttribute('mlctr-action','send'))">


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